Free Web Developer Tools. Remove the Power Supply 1. This is from the HP site about their ink cartridges: That was the best description of the process to clean the spilled ink out of the bottom of my deskjet C I found. We are very careful not to over fill. Which could harm the ink jet. This always cakes up and can cause printing problems.

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Also the purge unit ink pads replaced.

HP DeskJet CXI Printer Repair | FixYourOwnPrinter

Viewed from the front, remove the red screw from right side of the service station. You can find our selection of new printers from the links on the left. The rubber seat pulls off and is easily cleaned with a wet paper towel wear gloves, or you will suffer the dreaded ‘black finger syndrome’. I’ve got the same problem 9: The wiring obscures it.

Remove the two screws in the top of the case 2. HP C and a Cxi. This will take a while but after a few rinsings nearly all of the ink will be removed. This always cakes up and can cause printing problems. Removing the Service Station 1. This happened on two different occasions.

Both started leaking black ink out of a sudden.

Printer Repair Questions

The whole area under the ink cartridges if full of ink, which flowed rather fast to the whole bottom of the printer since no one noticed this internal leak until ink actually spilled out of the printer.


The leak occurred while both printers were “resting” meaning not while printing something. Looking from the top, remove the two screws going through the carriage rod.

Unplug the connector from the main electronics board. One is in front of the Service Station and the other is on the opposite side in the same relative position. Free Web Developer Tools. Remove the screw in hp970cx vertical frame to the right of the carriage drive motor.

Both printers use only original HP cartridges. OK the link is blocked for some stupid reason but it’s a forum on fixyourownprinter.

HP Cxi Ink, HP DeskJet Cxi Ink Cartridges

Cartridges for ‘free printers’ and even the cheaper models are often very expensive to run as the printer’s manufacturer has to make back the money lost in giving you the actual printer for hp970dxi or cheap. That ink pan is huge and was filled to the top After it passes the testing phase. Also clean the ‘nose wiper’ that sticks up about a centimeter to the left of the hp970xi seat.

Remove the rear access door and press the release tab in both upper corners of the opening. Every item you see is stocked by our massive warehouses, and could be ready for hp9970cxi the same day you place your order!


One of our brand new, ValueShop-approved printers may save you a considerable amount of money!

Immerse the service station in hot water to dissolve the remaining ink. By purchasing the Hpcxi printeror Hpcxi printer accessories from ValueShop, you’re ensuring quality and price will be the UK’s best – it’s the reason we’re number 1! Hp cartridges Hp ink cartridges deskjet c cartridge deskjet c ink deskjet cartridges deskjet ink. UK’s best HP prices!

UK’s best prices on HP970CXI PRINTER

We put a few extra ml of ink in the cartridge so that when testing we know that we can test several test prints. The vertical frame will now hinge up and come free of mechanism.

It’s a mess, as the ink seems to have dispersed over the whole undercarriage area and is coming out at the seams. I bought the cartridges at an Office Max type of store, and don’t think they were recycled.