Seizure after orgasm

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Due to the popularity of social media, we have seen decreasing engagement on our forums and chat. Please know we want to keep talking to you about epilepsy, seizures, and what you need. We want to stay connected with you. I have TLE caused by a brain tumour. I had it removed in November and am seizure after orgasm well. The operation has not stopped my seizures but not they are only at night. The worse thing is we only got married in February so this is not a good start to married life really.

I dont think it freaked him out but it did make him stop at that point what we were doing. Since i dont remember them after i come out of them if he never told me about it i would of never known about it. I have had seizures for about 16 years now and still dont know how or why i got them but u shouldnt let it stop you from doing things you want to do in life. I had a brain tumour as well and had seizure after orgasm removed.

And as same as you, the operation didn't stop the seizures. It was mainly the day after sex and orgasm that the seizures became more active for me. It is. It is still too soon to say if it fully has control over those after sex and orgasm and I'm still testing that out. There was another thread like this actually. I have had orgasms trigger my complex partials too. Some reason just the secondary seizure, not the primary now that i think about it But It tends to be much quicker, much milder, and limited in the movement of my regular ones, unless it was a rather spectacular sexual effort and that can bring about a more severe one.

It's not always though. And for that reason it's become somewhat of a joke, that you know the sex was good when you made the girl tremble. If I remember, my doctor simply did a "huh, yeah. Like saying "it does that. A married partner will understand and will ride along with it instead of freaking out. This would be much more of a problem if you were prone to one night stands. Explain that one! Yes I have had partial complex's with meds after sex. My wife who doesn't have ep also seems to have partials after climaxing but I can't explain that.

She just compares them seizure after orgasm my seizures since it's so easy to do so. I read an article medical about a study that concluded statistically that seizures at orgasm originate in the right hemisphere of the brain. I can't say that I've had a seizure during or after sex since I have complex Partials but I can maybe answer a few things when it comes to this.

I have been asked this as a nurse since I work in the neurology department at the hospital and had a neurologist tell me exactly why it does happen sometimes. The doctor told me is that when you get the orgasm, the sharp electrical activity which gives you that feeling of the orgasm travels completely up your spine and if it's strong enough, it can be the same as getting shocked with volts!

I know it's amazing to me to know that! He said this will sometimes knock off the electrical balance in your nerves since over half of your nerves are in your genital area to start with. The imbalance is just what it takes to get the seizures started but usually it isn't a big enough imbalance to cause a "full blown" seizure although sometimes it does and is perfectly capable of doing so.

Seizure after orgasm

My feeling about it is go on and get that groove on, if it doesn't make you tired enough afterwards, the seizure usually will. Sex is one of the strongest things in a relationship, so keep it on. My crazy brain works somewhat differently. I am a woman, and when I perform oral sex on my husband, and he pulls me deep, THAT triggers a minimal partial complex seizure The convulsing part totally works for him thankfully I don't clench my teeth! So, it's a win-win situation.

But that is rare for me. I'm IN! Me, Again.

Seizure after orgasm

I should also point out that if I have an orgasm in the absence of actual intercourse, the orgasm ALWAYS turns into a seizure at the end I'd be dishonest if I didn't say that after having lived with epilepsy in a multitude of forms for over 35 years that orgasm either after sex or masturbation can bring on a seizure.

There's nothing I know that can be counted on more to do this than sex.

Seizure after orgasm

Yet when I've mentioned this to neurologists, they are all to quick to reply, "No way! Face it, orgasm involves a multitude of parts of the human body, including our blood vessels and all of the nerves in our precious brain. And I do know that the brain has much to do with our whole need for sex, what we actually do when performing it, and how we come out of it. I've asked many men who have epilepsy if this is true with them, and most all have answered "Definitely. Is the seizure, whether before, and causing orgasm I also have Complex Partial seizures. I've been having seizures or something???

Seizure after orgasm

I don't know if I'm having seizures or what I feel like my mind is drifting away someway Well, when I do orgasm, I experience somewhat of a seizure I'm not able to respond to my husband, but I can hear him. I feel like I'm not in my body and a pressure in my head. The other night was seizure after orgasm worse ever I wasn't able to talk, or lift my arms or my legs. I thought I was having a stroke Then when I was able to roll over, I was completely drained and weak, couldnt even get up off the bed.

The next day, I felt strange all day, hard to focus and concentrate and form my words and just really really tired. I actually went to my Family Doctor and he is wondering if it is related to my heart rate as I told him I'm having a lot of palpitations??

Seizure after orgasm

So he is setting me up with a holter monitor. Hoping to find out what's going on I don't like this feeling Lady Jane, you're talkin' sense! I know I've written bits about the connection between sexual orgasm and seizures, but having gone through both well, maybe not both for 35 years, I can say definitely. Let's be realistic. A orgasm, whether male or female, involves our entire nervous system--what I like to call "our electrical system. And when one of those seizures would hit, I--like you--wouldn't be myself for days afterwards.

I'd be easily confused, even have problems with my vision.

Seizure after orgasm

If I were in medical school, I'd get a study going having to do with this exact question. And no, I wouldn't be interested in other students' opinions. That is, unless they had both an active sex life AND epilepsy. Well, we're into a new century, and maybe such studies are going to be considered far more than in years past. But know that you are not alone. I have searched on line for any info re this subject but have not found a lot really on the subject of orgasms "causing" seizures.

So, If anyone has found a good article on why seizures happen during orgasms, please send me the link.

Seizure after orgasm

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Orgasm Induced Seizures: A Rare Phenomenon