Female led relationship resources

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We talked to the leading expert in loving female-led relationships, Te-Erika Pattersonto find out what it takes to create a relationship where the woman is the leader. Te-Erika is an author, matchmaker, and relationship coach who helps powerful women find love with men who adore supporting them. Her unique vision for relationships will surprise you, inspire you, and leave you longing for a world in which loving female-led relationships are the norm.

Loving Female-Led Relationships. Every woman should want to be in a female-led relationshipand all you have to do … is to establish what you want, know it for yourself, express it to your partner, and then accept nothing less. Imagine a relationship in which your happiness, your dreams, and your satisfaction are the primary focus. Loving female-led relationships are on the rise. Even today, much dating and relationship advice teaches women to focus on what men want and need.

These men are no pushovers. Until recently, the most women could hope for is a relationship between equals. But sharing power equally with your partner is easier said than done.

Female led relationship resources

The woman gets to be her best self. She gets to set the standard for her happiness, and the man gets to be a real man by enabling that happiness. So both of them are actually living their highest potential. Nor is the woman superior to the man. Rather, this is a loving relationship, where both parties are clear about what makes them happy. Men who complete the program and qualify are eligible to be part of her matchmaking service. For men, the vision is compelling. To help men and women make this transition, she offers coaching, matchmaking and information via her website, lovingflr.

Are you ready to start leading in your relationship? For practical guidance on creating a loving female-led relationship, Te-Erika recently released a couples workbook that will guide you through establishing boundaries, identifying strengths and weaknesses, leadership styles, structuring household responsibilities, conflict resolution, and more. Te-Erika is a relationship coach and author who helps powerful women find love with men who adore supporting them. This FLR type relationship is a win win for both the man and the woman. I encourage more women and men to embrace these concepts in their daily lives.

The whole thing is highly abusive and destructive. Not the concept of women being more dominant, but the rhetoric, philosophy and literature, being pumped out. The whole thing is as toxic as the most severe patriarchal system.

Both parties should love, respect and cherish one another. It reinforces the notion that human beings are human beings, and regardless of gender can be just as abusive. Cluster B men would love to get away female led relationship resources the level of abuse in a relationship, as this author routinely tries to justify.

I disagree, and I am reading this blog for the first time, and am not even in an FLR. Thank god I found this blog because I can already tell a change in my wife since I started trying everything I can to please her. Each unique relationship was female led. Think about the best marriage you know. The woman always calls the shots. The husband is happy. The wife is happy.

Female led relationship resources

Manager wife happy life! How can She show Her control without it being in person? Hi, Gene! So… most of you detractors simply do not understand. A loving FLR or any other FLR is all male-led unless the make really is a human-trafficked sex slave relationship in that the male is really giving up his authority all of it — including his sex entirely for her.

That means that she makes the decisions; when she wants to make the decisions. If she hates the laundry, you do the laundry. If she wants fresh roses weekly, then get fresh roses for her weekly, If she wants to advance her career, then make that happen by relieving her of other responsibilities. If she wants to stay home so that she can stay home, relax, and have brunch with her girl friends, then get up early and go to work!

She gets my service whenever and wherever she wants it. Thats been true since we met! Right now is the female led relationship resources to create the life you deserve. Learn how we use your. About Te-Erika Patterson Te-Erika is a relationship coach and author who helps powerful women find love with men who adore supporting them. Like this: Like Loading This is flawed.

A man should want to pamper a woman, not be coerced or ordered! There are some nice ideas here, but it needs less male fantasy.

Female led relationship resources

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Female led relationship resources

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Female-led relationship: What it means and how to make it work