Enema fetish stories

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Untamed Family Ch. Total 0 votes. I recommend that you read chapter 1 and 2 before delving into chapter 3, but here is a quick recap reminder of what happened. Eighteen year old Kevin Lansing came home to find his older sister Hannah licking his twin sister Kristen's hot pussy.

He quickly stripped down and ed in on the filthy fun, where plenty of licking, sucking, tonguing and fucking took place. Later, their mother Krystal, a dominant mistress, and father Kevin, a submissive pet, came home and the fun continued. After some punishment was served to Hannah, Krystal devised a blowjob contest between the sisters. Category: Incest. I recommend that enema fetish stories read chapter 1, 2 and 3 before delving into chapter 4, but here is a quick recap reminder of what happened.

Category: Anal SexFetish. They'd been flirting for a while now, and as he was the last patient of the day, she didn't have to worry about Dr. Rosenthal coming enema fetish stories and catching them, so she simply enjoyed the moment. He was everything she liked, smart, funny, athletic, in his late twenties, and judging from the way he dressed, pretty well off, to boot. Which is why his appointment made no sense, but what she figured must be a clerical error might get him to blush if she asked, and shy boys were just so Category: Anal Sex.

I always play it to him as though I don't really like anal sex It couldn't be further from the truth, even though I'm still a nice girl. We were going away for the weekend. Peter needed to represent a client at a conference in Chicago, and though he only had to attend daytime meetings on Saturday, we booked the overnight in order to get reasonable fares on flights. We were making a mini-holiday out of it.

Enema fetish stories

Category: Fetish. Kate stared at the clock. This had been a monumentally bad idea. Watching as the hand crept closer and closer, her dread grew with ever minute strike.

Enema fetish stories

That's why she should never, ever decide things while in the shower, she concluded. All manner of unreasonable ideas seem possible to her in there. When else would she have thought inviting her psychotic ex to her home would be a good decision? She shook her head. My wife and I went camping at busy campground several years ago. Although the campsite had showers, the flush toilets were out of service and outhouses had been brought in.

My wife can not stand to use an outhouse.

Enema fetish stories

When she found out, she didn't even want to stay at the campsite, although she loves camping. Mistress Sarah's guiding hand brought Dana through the bustling corridors of the club underground. Tonight it was seething with activity as the employees prepared for tonight's big show.

Dana watched, amazed, at the energy and the dedication of Mistress Sarah's slaves and subsidiary dommes. It was like a leather and latex anthill, whose slim little queen was even now pulling her along towards the main chamber where tonight's show would be. Category: BDMS. My name is Steve I'm 25 years old 6' 2" and very strong without being overly muscular thanks to martial arts enema fetish stories up.

I'm happy to finally be returning home from my trip a day early, hoping to surprise my lovely wife after traveling all week. Category: Lesbian Sex. Tina and Alice had been lovers for almost six months now, after first meeting each other at a dyke bar off-campus one night. Two sleek and frisky Literature majors, they confessed to each other that even though both young and older men had been drooling over them for as long as they could remember, it was pussy, rather than cock, that got them steamy.

Soon they managed to arrange things so that they could share a dorm room. I recently moved into a brand new duplex located not far from where I was having a new house built. Even though my new house was going to be ready in six months, the duplex was only available on a yearly lease, so I took it. For the first couple of weeks, no one lived on the other side, but then a young couple moved in. s: 1 2 ».

Enema fetish stories

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