9.5 inch penis

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Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships. Is an 8 inch penis really that unusual? Confused about Clearing? Go to first unread. Skip to :. This discussion is closed. Report 8 years ago Pretty damn rare. The vast majority fall in the category. Strong understanding of vaginas.

Above 8, sure, you may well find you're hitting the cervix in an "average" girl. Average pussy being 4 inches deep and can stretch to double that. All things considered, 8 is rarely going to be a problem unless he's going balls deep in doggy. Tootles Badges: Original post by Roundleaf I'm 17 and 5 foot 10 with an 8 inch penis. Everyone says they've never seen or heard of anyone else who has an 8 inch penis.

Yes I've measured properly and I don't need to turn the ruler around. Is it really that unusual? Anonymous 1. Original post by Anonymous Not necessarily true. My boyfriend is 9. Him being gentle was fine enough and it didn't hurt at all. Vaginas can handle a fair bit, so I never understand why people find long penises so difficult to handle - the guy just needs to be careful to not ram it in ridiculously quickly.

Even I'd be a bit scared by that lol. Don't think I've ever been with a chick that could take more than 9 either. Original post by Anonymous Well having only been with my boyfriend, I've never seen another penis and only became aware of how it was considered large after seeing it, so I think if I knew what the average size was back then, I would have been a tad worried.

The funny thing is that I'm quite short, so you'd think I wouldn't be able to stretch vertically enough for it compared to tall girls, so that's why I think that if I'm fine with it, I don't understand the struggle for other girls. Four Queue Badges: You're pretty average by internet standards. That's a tall order to match up to.

Thankfully I am hoping I won't ever lose him Haha, it sounds like I'm saying that as I don't want to lose his penis, oh dear Schmucks Badges: 9. You may have an eight inch penis, but it's negated by all the negative reputation you have. Priorities, my friend. Original post by desdemonata 6 inches hits mine. In certain positions, hard enough to hurt. Generally though, just enough to feel good I think in my case this is because I'm 9.5 inch penis short. Jakeh Badges: I've hurt girls before and im just about 6. Hooj Badges: 0. Back to top. Related discussions. Related articles.

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9.5 inch penis

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